Tracking your finances is frustrating.

It's not easy to remind yourself every day to track expenses. Or to budget for the future.

Expensio makes it effortless to fix things when you forget to track your expenses for a few days or when you just don't care enough to describe what you've spent your money on.

We also create balance projections so you know if you'll run out of cash in the future after a big (planned) expense.

We offer a lifetime license to use it for $99. You self-host it for maximum privacy and control.

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Expensio can save you $24,000+ per year by making it easy to budget.

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Build some runway

Stop living paycheck to paycheck

There is a very real consequence to not tracking your expenses. You end up spending it all which results in no runway for the future.

That said, this cycle of spending it all & beating yourself up is a cycle of pain. We want to stop that. Building a war chest must be easy if you are going to stick it.

Less is more
Most personal finance apps are bloated with features you don't need. We want to keep it simple.
Macro > micro
Tracking every expense is a pain. We make you track the big picture so you're more likely to stick to this new habit.
Don't beat yourself up
It's not entirely your fault that you're spending it all. You don't (yet) have the proper systems in place to make budgeting easy.
Build your war chest
Once you have a bit of a runway, you have a lot more options. Lost your job? You can take your time finding a new one.

"You'd expect that a senior software engineer would have savings, but I didn't. I spent the last 3 years before buying Expensio burning through all of my income. I just couldn't get myself to save, things always came up."

- Anon Dan

"I save more money than I ever thought I would. I'm honestly glad I gave Expensio a try!"

- Anon Robin

"Once I got over the mental hurdle of self-hosting this, it turned out to be a great choice."

- Anon Paul

"I'm happy with Expensio. It's a great tool for managing my salary and expenses."

- Anon Steve


Buy once, use forever

Pricing can't get simpler than this.

Lifetime deal

We offer you lifetime updates, you can deploy the app as many times as you want. You can even modify the code and deploy your own custom version of the app. Just don't distribute it please.

What's included

  • lifetime updates
  • self-hosting guides
  • deploy as many times as you want
  • see & modify the source code

Pay once, own it forever

$99 USD

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Don't worry, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

Frequently asked questions

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Reach out at [email protected].

Why we track manually? Why not integrate banks?
  1. Often in 'click and sync with bank' apps, people don't take tracking as seriously. Manual tracking makes you more attached to the act of tracking your own money. If we can stick to tracking the macro-expenses and keep it easy and fund while also attaching you to the process, you are more likely to stick to this.
  2. There are so many banks in the world, each with varying APIs and data formats, it's hard to integrate all of them. If we only integrate banks from the USA we alienate users from other parts of the world.
Why self-hosting?
It's cheaper for your wallet and better for your privacy. You can modify the product to your liking and don't depend on us in case we go out of business. Read more about why it makes sense here or how easy it is to self-host here.
What's the refund policy?
We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked.. Just reach out to [email protected] and we'll refund you. Read more here.
What is "balance correction"?
"Balance correction" allows you to adjust your expenses to the current balance, making it easy to fix things when you forget to track your expenses for a few days.
What is "balance projection"?
"Balance projection" is a chart where you see your estimated balances over the next period of time based on future expenses you added. This helps you see if you'll run out of cash in the future after a big (planned) expense. - Personal finance for disorganized people. | Product Hunt